I have been gone for the last week, I will admit it, and usually that means family time, holiday or moving- but not this time. This time I have been taking time to myself for my fitness.

I have never been the girl who goes running in the morning, or gets excited for P.E. I have been the girl more than happy to sit on the sidelines cheering my lungs out or watching from afar, I am not the most active of girls nor did I find a hankering for physical exercise- not until recently.

Matthew just celebrated his birthday a week ago where I naughtily purchased a new Red Fitbit Flex that he had been lusting after for some time, if you didn’t know a Fitbit is a little device that fits into cute little wristbands that during the day tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality. Matthew had one already that he claimed “the battery is dying” (honestly I think it was the pretty red wristband that the new one came in he was after) so I swiftly went out and brought it for him, thanking my stars that gift giving for Matthew is that simple.

With the shiny new red Fitbit Flex on his wrist Matthew passed his old one (which I swear is perfectly fine) on to me, herewith starting my fascination with my exercise and fitness.

First off I thought it was fascinating that it tracks your sleep, but I soon found that the function for tracking steps and activity level is addictive. I have been enjoying yoga and walking lately, but I have kicked it up a notch with even running and hiking uphill- two things I dreaded thinking about let alone attempting. So with this little backstory I have my new fitness tips, regime, information- whatever you’d like to call it, here it is!



Yoga is something I have always enjoyed. Luckily I am blessed with my flexibility as well as my short stature- so stretching has always been a strong point no matter my weight which yoyo’s frequently due to a niggly sweet tooth I find hard to ditch.

I currently use the Reebok 55 Weighted Exercise ball and a nifty little yoga mat I got from a department store that does the job. I use to find my sequences and can be a bit fickle with them, I chop and change as I like and I usually like to do Yoga when Matthew is out of the house when it is quiet and calming- so I have no set period to when I stretch.


I have started attending Zumba classes held at the local school hall on a Wednesday with a few colleagues of mine, I have been doing this for a month or so now and I love how it enables you to get your heart rate up without you even noticing. I have so much fun with Zumba and can’t believe it has been an hour at the end of it. Zumba is a fun, satisfying way to exercise without gruelling yourself at the gym (although I would love a gym membership regardless- since I have been a bit fickle with exercise in general in the past I haven’t taken that leap to joining)



I also have been lucky enough to be situated close to a forest where tracks are laid for the purposes of running, walking, cycling etc and have a couple of buddies that I go walking with at least twice a week. I like to stick with a buddy as talking passes the time and helps keep the focus off the pain that walking up those hills incurs. I like to choose an somewhat uphill route, and yes it kills me, and yes it hurts, and yes I look like a red-faced puffing mess when I do it- but it is totally worth it. I have also taken to walking around the block a couple of times in the morning before work on Saturdays to get my step count up and fit that exercise in so if we don’t get around to doing something that afternoon I know I have exercised somehow. I will also take to the block if I cannot find anyone to accompany me to the forest as I prefer not to be walking alone in there- safety first kids.


This one still kills me. I do not do this often. Matthew is a big mountain biking fan, his Mother and Father bike the trails, his brother works in the mountain biking industry along with his girlfriend and so naturally- coming from a biking family- Matthew would like to me to join him for afternoons in the forest, which is fine, until two minutes in and I lose my breath.

Seriously, I’m that bad. I am a big red faced swearing mess amongst those trees, but Matthew enjoys it and thats all that matters. I have found a couple trails that I enjoy riding and I am DETERMINED to be good at it, and I know this only comes with perseverance and hard work- so guess what I’ll be doing this summer.



I have a couple of lists that I use when I work out of set reps and exercises that I do if I want to work on something in particular or haven’t been particularly active that day (or if I’ve eaten something naughty and think that it may help compensate) These include three sets of reps usually 12,10 & 10 of exercises such as rows, push presses, push ups, dips, crunches, squats, hinges, lunges and step ups. I always have my little 1.5kg weights handy for these which I also take walking around the block sometimes.



I am a very visual person when it comes to inspiration and motivation, and actually looking at things on places like Pinterest, We Heart It (my personal fave) and blogs always help. For some reason taking a quick look at the “fitness” tag on we heart it really gets me ready for a walk or a ride, its incredible how much these images help. (let me know if thats just me)

Music is another big thing. I have two or three playlists dedicated to exercise and working out. I boom these at home or in my headphones when I am active and it keeps everything fast paced.

Having a buddy is also another great way to keep you on track, whether is be your partner, a colleague or a friend and it probably helps them too!


I thought I would add this little bonus on the end as things I have personally experienced when it comes to actually getting up and getting fit. Firstly I know that drinking water is a must. I am very very bad at this and have found since purchasing my pretty pink Camelbak Eddy it has been much easier. I make a habit of carrying this in my hand whether it be around work, around home, in the forest or even shopping- your consumption of water will definitely increase.

Secondly I recently added some Nike Flex running shoes into my wardrobe and these have helped my activity level immensely.

Before I didn’t have any decent trainers other than my good ol’ Converse and my feet were suffering because of this. When you have good shoes going out and exercising doesn’t seem as daunting.

I have to say that my Fitbit has definitely helped but just tracking your exercise in general is a good idea, writing it in a  journal, an app such as my fitness pal (another one I use) or on a blog will enforce a little bit of commitment in there.

Let  me know if you have enjoyed this type of post or if you’d like to see how I am trudging on with things. I started all of this just coming out of Winter but some of these tips should help throughout the seasons. I also post regularly on twitter and instagram about my fitness and health so you can check me out there too!




I thought that I would write a little post about eye make up as, for me, the eye makeup is the most important part of my daily routine.

I am one of the many that consider my eyes to be one of my best features, and to accentuate them is my favourite part of makeup application, so I thought I would share with you the treasured tips I have learned over the years. I usually go by rules, so here they are.


For any mascara, eyeliner or curling, always start at the base of your lash. This is vital especially for mascara, as yo do not want to end up with spindly little lashes and no volume at the foundations. I always wiggle my wand right down to the bottom of my lashes and go from there- that way they look fuller.


De-clumping your mascara wand is very important, I make sure I get rid of any clumps before I apply my mascara before I apply it, I do this by getting a clean make up pad that has no loose fibres (a paper towel works too) and carefully removing them from the wand this way. If you do end up with clumps in your eyelashes, I remove these. I use a clean mascara wand (I keep my old mascara wands and clean these) and place it behind the clump in your eyelash and break it up- don’t just continue to apply mascara hoping it will go away- you’ll end up with spindly lashes. You can also use one of your spare lash wands with a spritz of makeup remover to make your lashes fuller looking by carefully smoothing the lashes from middle to ends- this also stops the dreaded spider-eyes.


Curling is a must as I have very fair, straight lashes. I use my eyelash curler in three steps. Base, pump three times. Middle, pump three times and ends, pump three times.This encourages my eyelashes to face upwards instead of straight out as they would naturally- just by curling them you can add length to your eyelashes. If I don’t have an eyelash curler handy I will hold my finger against the base of my lashes for a few seconds as my mascara is drying.


Alongside my number 1 rule of starting at the base of my lashes adding volume is still quite important. The mascara starting out at the base of your lashes will help but if you really want to add that extra bit apply a waterproof cream pencil that is dark brown or black at the very base of your lashes so they look thicker. I tend to go for a dark brown as it is more natural but it really adds that oomph to your eyes.

Thats it of my little tips and tricks, I hope you enjoy and feel free to share yours too!


August Favourites


I know it may be a little late but I thought I would share my August Favourites with you! Theres a mix of everything here, I have been loving a lot this month gone!

Body Shop fragrance oil pom&rasp


I have been burning this scent for literal years now, and I still adore it. I like to think       of it as my signature home smell.

This is a fruitily sweet smell that is very refreshing, very summery (although I burn it year round). It is actually made with blackcurrant extract and lemon oils as well- which adds to an all-round pleasant aroma. I also have the room and linen spray in the same scent, it is absolutely divine.

Rihanna Fragrance reb'l fleur


Sticking to the fragrances I’ve been on the lookout for a more sophisticated perfume for a while now, I’ve always gone for the girly sweet perfumes and I’ve decided that its time for some spice. I had heard good things about this perfume and picked up the 30ml size to try it out. Needless to say this perfume is already half gone. I thought I would go back to my old faithfuls but this base of vanilla, musk and patchouli with peach and berry notes has really captured me. The lasting power is brilliant, the compliments even more so. I’ll definitely be repurchasing full size. Love it.

formula 10.0.01 exfoliator


I have been using this for a while now, once or twice a week, and this really does the job as far as face exfoliators go. It can be quite rough, you only need to gently rub it on but it leaves your face soft and incredibly moisturised. It smells quite pleasant and I love the ingredients such as pumice, oat and zinc. It lasts for such a long time as the a small amount goes very far. I am quite fond of this brand and have been happy with all the products I have purchased, winner.

Body shop teatree oil


I am very aware of how much this has been raved about. This stuff is brilliant. I use this on my stress/hormonal breakouts and it works wonders, clears everything right up within a couple of days. I’m going to keep this short and sweet because enough has been said, yes?

Eau Roma Water Lush


This is a very calming product, it also is very hydrating and revitalising. (enough ing’s in there?) This is my go to wake-me-up product in the mornings and I use it after every cleanse. It is very gentle, very subtle but it makes a massive difference to my morning routine.

Estee lauder illuminating primer


I’ve spoken about this product before and I still love it. This a wonderfully, brightening, long lasting primer that is incredibly lightweight and decadent.

My makeup last so much longer and applies so much better when I am wearing this, and it definitely wasn’t a product I was looking to buy- glad to say I was pleasantly surprised. Best illuminating primer I’ve tried yet.

MAC eyeshadow omega


This is one of those products I use day in day out. Not only is this a gorgeous neutral eyeshadow but it also matches my eyebrows perfectly. I reach for this pretty much EVERY morning and spice it up at night with a charcoal brown in my crease. A definite must-have.

Nars blush


Another one of those “I’ve spoken about this before” products, but I really do love this thing. I may have to invest in a brighter blush for summer (as this is my only NARS blush- and you can never have enough, am I right?) but this is perfect for Autumn, Winter and Evening wear. I will still be wearing this a lot, as it is very versatile- the colour is a deep, peachy pink- still extremely wearable.

Zoeva rose gold brush set


Of course these are going to be in my favourites, you already know I’m in love with them. They are so soft, so stylish and so pleasant to use. They make makeup application a breeze and you feel so high-end using these. Love Love Love.

Essie Polish Eternal Optimist


This colour is so feminine and pretty to wear I have been wearing it all month. It is a dusty rose colour, and the perfect brightness for it still to be a light, go-with-everything kind of polish. It lasts a very decent amount of time, although I do use a top coat also.

KMS free shape hair spray


Last but not least, this product doubles as a hairspray/heat protectant. I brought this when I chopped my long locks off and it has been a god-send. It sprays the perfect amount of product and does not leave your hair feeling heavy or crunchy, it is light and rather invisible which I love. It keeps my curls in for days.

That is it for my August favourites and I hope you enjoyed. These products have been ones that I have been reaching for very daily and I can honestly say I don’t think they’re going anywhere soon!

XXX Ambermarie


This salad is full of ingredients that are great for your body. Tender kale, crunchy almonds with a zestily sweet dressing and a hint of parmesan. Its super quick to make and will keep you feeling nourished and energised. This is great for lunch or dinner and is super versatile, you are able to add chicken or fish for added protein!

IMGP0020 IMGP0048


A bunch of fresh kale, any kind will do

1/4 cup of home made mayo or hollandaise (if using hollandaise you will need not juice the whole lemon, half will do!)

2 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil- melted

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper or paprika

1 lemon, squeezed and the zest grated

1 tbsp raw organic sugar or coconut sugar

1/4 cup of grated fresh parmesan

3/4 cup of roughly chopped or sliced almonds or brazil nuts (I chopped fresh ones myself but you can buy them chopped or sliced in store)


First you will need to wash and trim your kale. Make sure you pat the water off the kale leaves with a clean tea towel, then you will need to strip the flesh of the leaves off the stalks and chop these into small pieces. Add these to a bowl and you will need to massage the kale leaves to add sweetness, wilt them slightly and make them tender. I do this by combining them in a small ball in my hands and squeezing a pushing them together, moving the ball of kale around in my hands to make sure you are tenderising all the leaves. I used fresh kale from my garden, but store brought kale is just as good.

Place the kale back in the bowl and you are now ready to add the zest, almonds and parmesan, toss this thoroughly. With the remaining ingredients combine in a bowl or jar- this is your dressing. Add salt and pepper as desired, once mixed and the taste is to your liking drizzle over kale, almonds and parmesan and mix well. This is best eaten the same day but you can store it in your refrigerator minus the dressing like I did until you are ready to eat. Enjoy!

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set

IMGP0001 IMGP0007 IMGP0009 IMGP0010

I had been wanting these brushes for a long time before I got my little hands on them. It was only recently that I purchased these brushes and I have been loving every minute of them.

I had heard about the quality and I had heard about how gorgeous they are, but I still look at them and see pure genius.

The makeup application with these is so wonderful, its smooth and soft and everything you could ask for with a brush set, there is no shedding when I clean these and they dry fairly quickly. The only brush I struggle with is the 106 as I don’t often use powder, I use bronzer and it could be a little bigger for dusting a quick glow on- but its hardly a miss at all.

The carry bag is gorgeous, it is the perfect size to fit makeup and brushes alike into your handbag and the extra pocket on the inside is a bonus. I have been carrying this around constantly in my tote for quick, easy touch ups.

The way they package and post these brushes is also incredible, they came within a week or so to New Zealand and kindly responded when I had a minor freakout when it hadn’t arrived in NZ- I was super terrified of them getting lost in the post! But they came when Zoeva said they would, they had lovely little messages to add a personal touch as to whom it was packaged and quality checked by and I couldn’t be happier.

These brushes are absolutely divine and I am already on the way to purchase more! If only they brought out a second addition rose gold set.



ode to frankie2

I thought today, after picking up the magnificent Spaces, Volume Two by Frankie Magazine that I really ought to give these guys some big ups.

I was introduced to Frankie by a close friend whilst journeying through my Journalism degree a couple years ago and I haven’t really put their magazines down since. Frankie helped me establish who I was to become, and continue to become, in a tough time and I still get excited as soon as a new mag comes out for all the creative, inspiring pieces these pages bring.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 5.48.08 pm

After moving to a smaller, less cultured, town I had no idea Frankie had made the Spaces magazine, but I saw their Volume Two today and fell in love all over again. Frankie have created this wonderful book full of culture and style and this book lights up my coffee table like no other. The unknown lurks in the large, perfectly printed pages about homestyle and lifestyle. Like their magazines they bring quirky literature, recommend some seriously stylish bits & pieces and some wicked photography- my favourite part of all.

I would recommend Frankie over and over again to anyone who enjoys a bit of creative literature and a serious aesthetic feel, and there is always a special little surprise waiting for you.  Ill be purchasing Frankie’s forever, so thank you guys for the lifelong entertainment. Head over and give them some love folks, cause they are mighty fine. Frankie Magazine

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all these opinions are my own.




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